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Ultrafast Broadband for homes

Bringing Full Fibre direct to your home. We have the perfect broadband solution for you!

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Ultrafast Fibre for Homes

Our homes in Lincolnshire will now experience connectivity like never before. Our fast, reliable and secure full fibre broadband will offer up to 25x the speed you can currently access.

Enjoy everything broadband has to offer, with ultrafast speeds of up to 1000Mbps, no buffering, seamless streaming and also the peace of mind that all your devices and appliances around your home will stay connected.

Play, watch, listen and work with the knowledge your connection won’t let you down.  
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Movie/TV streaming

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Working from Home 

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Video Chat 

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For a Limited Time Only - How Much Can You Save?

As part of a government scheme to roll out ultrafast broadband nationwide, The Department for Culture, Media and Sport can offer a one time voucher which will cover the upfront cost of the full fibre connection direct to your home. For a limited amount of time only, these vouchers will be made available to a fixed number of homes and businesses in your area. Some business customers have already saved £3,500, so register today to find out if you are eligible.
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What is Full Fibre Broadband?

Full Fibre broadband or Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) brings our fibre network direct to your home. Being connected in this way will ensure your connection is faster and more reliable than Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC) which services 95% of the UK currently. Fibre to your home replaces the existing copper connections used for FTTC, and this gives you a fibre route all the way back to the internet exchange. Full Fibre is also far more efficient and less likely to experience any signal interruptions meaning our customers can stay connected.

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Faster Downloads

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Use more devices at the same time

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Power your home from doorbells to TV

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Improved reliability

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Speed Guaranteed

Our Full Fibre Pricing

Fibre of the future - For busy homes with many connected devices.

Peace Of Mind - The Cost of Your Internet is Covered

We appreciate that you may still be tied into a contract elsewhere. No need to worry Quantum will credit your account so you don't pay us a penny until your old contract expires!
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Struggling with WiFi Coverage?
We've got You.

Our mesh WiFi extenders ensure you distribute signal around your home as effectively as possible and make sure you can access the internet on your devices anywhere you need it. Add a mesh extender to your package for £36 upfront or £3 a month for 12 months.

Alternatively, our network team would be happy to discuss other solutions with you for ensuring your connection suits your unique needs. If you require a bespoke service for your premises, please get in touch on 03455 120105.

Need help choosing?

Need help choosing the best broadband package? Using our broadband package recommender, you can find the most suitable broadband at the best price.
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Or alternatively, our team are always happy to help. Give us a call on 03455 120 105

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you reward customers for referring a friend?

Yes we do, with a credit voucher to both accounts worth £50 each!

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What is our "Easy Switch" promise?

In order to make the switch easy, you wont pay for your Quantum Fibre Broadband until your existing contract expires.

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What is Fibre to the Premises (FTTP)?

FTTP is the latest standard for broadband services and stands for ‘Fibre To The Premises’. FTTP means that you have a full fibre route all the way to the internet exchange as opposed to only part fibre (Fibre to the Cabinet) that currently services around 95% of the UK.

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What is the Project Gigabit Scheme?

Get the fastest and most reliable speeds for your home or business with a free connection from the Project Gigabit Voucher Scheme from the Department of Digital, Culture, Media & Sport (DCMS).

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What does contention ratio mean and why is it best to be low?

A contention ratio is the split of others sharing the internet with you. This is why service drops at peak times of the day and being low means that your service will be impacted less during these periods. Quantum keep our ratios around half the market average to keep you moving.

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How do we provide our Telephone Service?

Voice over Internet Protocol – VoIP – is a the delivery of voice communications and video calling over Internet Protocol networks. In simple terms, our telephone service is delivered over the internet. This means no more line rental and you can even keep your old number!

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